01. The birth

If you want to know someone, don't listen to what they say but watch what they are doing ”or otherwise, on company websites there is often nothing but blah.

Setting up a passenger transport business in March 2020 is like doing The Hunger Games in your underwear. It's fatal. Well ... it's at least shooting yourself in the foot

But the biggest risk is not to take any ... and so EDEN CAB was born.

02. The essensial

A choice to do business in a different way than its competitors and go. For us, it is essential to respond appropriately to a fairly demanding demand on the French Riviera and to offer a better experience to those who trust us.

And let them do it again.

03. The atmosphere

In elegant or relaxed fashion, but always in "Mercedes", what sets us apart from others is the lightness of our services which adapt to the lifestyle of our customers, whatever the purpose of their trip.

Because they are all precious to us.

We drive you relax